To Start With

Prior to your first session you will be sent a health and well being form to complete which will be discussed on arrival together with anything else you wish to address. Sessions take place lying down on a treatment couch, face up and fully clothed. If you are unable to lie down then the session can also be performed whilst sitting. Using a method of neuromuscular feedback the practitioner starts by establishing a yes/no communication with your bodymind by gently pulling your arm.

Finding the Priority Imbalances

Using a systematic line of questioning via the BodyTalk Protocol Chartchart the practitioner asks questions of your bodymind in order to identify the priority imbalances for you right now – these are communication circuits within the bodymind which have become compromised. Sometimes you are asked to supply relevant information during the questioning process.

Your bodymind’s own inherent knowledge of itself reveals to the practitioner the priority order in which the impaired lines of communication or imbalances need to be re-established and the techniques required in order to achieve the fastest possible healing. This feature is unique to BodyTalk and what sets it apart from other healthcare systems. During the session the practitioner takes notes of what comes up and talks through with you how it could be relevant to your symptoms or problems.

The Tapping Out Process

Once the practitioner has established those priority areas of the bodymind requiring increased communication they then apply a technique together with a tapping out process to balance the bodymind and resolve the communication issues. Sometimes you are required to participate in the technique.

The practitioner gently taps over both halves of the head/brain to alert it to ‘fix’ the faulty communication circuits that have been highlighted and to make the necessary corrections. They then tap the sternum/heart area lightly, so that these corrections can be ‘stored’ in the heart centre and communicated to the rest of the bodymind through the heart beat. This means that the changes made are saved and integrated into the bodymind’s memory banks. This is another unique feature of BodyTalk.

The tapping process effectively facilitates the bodymind’s own ability to restore and maintain its optimum health. Whilst tapping, relevant areas of the body may be held by either yourself or the practitioner in order to help provide focus and you are asked to breathe deeply to help your brain scan the bodymind’s imbalances and make the necessary corrections.

The practitioner continues to ask questions of the bodymind, building up formulas of communication links that need to be addressed in a set order and tapping them out accordingly, until the session ends.

BodyTalk Bristol Sessions

Follow Up and Length of Treatment

Sessions usually last up to an hour, although some are shorter than others. The length of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or its results; the shorter sessions can sometimes be very profound and produce huge shifts.

The bodymind knows just how many changes and corrections it needs in any given session and will indicate when the session is complete. It will also establish whether you require a follow up session and the best timing for this. This could be within a week, a few weeks, a month etc. This is the minimum time required for your bodymind to implement all the changes highlighted in the session. Sometimes your bodymind might indicate that you need to be referred to another health care professional or your GP or to a particular BodyTalk Practitioner.

Every session is tailor made to you and your bodymind’s specific needs. The communication links required to balance each individual are unique. Two clients may have the same symptoms but their sessions will not be alike as the links needed to balance their conditions will be entirely different. Everyone is unique and the number of sessions you require for the results you are seeking are also varied; some clients require more sessions than others; it can also depend on your expectations. Also your bodymind may require certain other issues to be addressed before it can address your specific complaint.


After a Session

After a session you may feel lighter and more relaxed and centred. You may feel pains and anxiety lessen or disappear. You may feel that particular emotions you have been experiencing dissipate. You may feel energised or tired and needing to rest. It all depends on what your bodymind has been addressing. I generally recommend that you take it easy after a session, listen to your body and rest if required.

BodyTalk is cumulative which means that each session builds on the one before and your healing process continues with each additional session. As your bodymind stores the changes made you will continue to receive the benefits of previous sessions.

Generally as time goes by you will see shifts in your condition and experience an increase in overall wellness, performance and potential, growth in personal development and better connection to friends and family etc.

Safe and Effective

The BodyTalk Bristol system is completely safe, non-invasive and side-effect free, making it suitable for absolutely anyone, from an unborn baby to the elderly. In the case of a baby or young child, the practitioner can use the parent as a surrogate for the yes/no communication. The system is very effective in highlighting health difficulties and their causes quickly and accurately.

BodyTalk Bristol can work alongside other treatments including Western Medicine. It won’t affect any medication you are taking, it might even help your bodymind accept the medication and increase its effectiveness; you may even be able to reduce your medication with continued sessions and this is something you can discuss with your doctor.

The BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnose, treat specific symptoms or prescribe medication or supplements. When your bodymind is in balance your own innate healing wisdom will address specific symptoms automatically and establish good health.

You do not have to be unwell or have any symptoms to benefit from a session; BodyTalk Bristol helps to enhance and maintain a healthy bodymind as well as other areas of your life.