I have almost forgotten how dreadful I felt before my visits to you. The work you do is so powerful but subtle, you almost forget how ill you felt. I had a constant pain in my left side, a massive compulsion to overeat, and had just been diagnosed with COPD. Working with you was a joy, you always had a wonderful way of working with the mind, body and spirit, which was so reassuring for me, because I know that when they are not in tune, you can never become well. My pain disappeared, the eating calmed down, and the COPD improved through using the Cortices technique which I still use on a daily basis.  The BodyTalk sessions were inspirational. Many, many thanks Helena. I would certainly have remained stuck had I not found you; I believe we are guided to the person and therapy that is needed at that moment in time.


It was wonderful discovering BodyTalk and meeting Helena. I had never heard of BodyTalk before and came across it in a magazine and was intrigued about it. I found the sessions mind blowing in a wonderful way, as my body was deciding what it wanted healing from and when! Helena was so reassuring and supportive through it all and I am so glad I went as I feel I have gained so much from it. I would highly recommend BodyTalk. Thanks Helena for all your healing which has truly unblocked a lot of emotions I was experiencing. I truly feel I’ve been on a transformation journey since my first BodyTalk session with you. It’s the first time in my life I have felt such a deep sense of peace – I was obviously carrying a lot of baggage. Truly grateful to have met you. It’s been a great journey. Thank you!


I have had a course of BodyTalk and Lymphatic Drainage treatments with Helena  over a period of time. Not only were the treatments very relaxing but I found that Helena’s very gentle and calm manner was healing in itself. I felt in very safe hands and that my wellbeing was of great importance to Helena. I would highly recommend BodyTalk as I felt the sessions were working on a very deep level, healing body, mind and emotions.


I had about 4 sessions with Helena over a month period. I had never heard of BodyTalk before and was really intrigued about it. Helena identified some very interesting blocks due to past events. After the treatments I felt lighter and definitely felt like I had cleared some issues that I was carrying but which I had no idea about. She also made suggestions as to what my body was saying it would like me to do ongoing – one thing was yoga which I now do every day and I feel amazing as a result of it! Thanks Helena. Would highly recommend you and BodyTalk to anyone simply looking for a health check or for someone looking to deal with more serious issues.


What an inspirational experience it was meeting you yesterday – and thank you so much for everything you did for me. I feel absolutely free of troubles, anxiety and guilt this morning. What a wonderful source of help and comfort you and the BodyTalk System is. Thank you so much for all the good you have done me. I feel a great deal stronger. I am so delighted to have found you.


I had never heard of BodyTalk till I met Helena at a mind body spirit fair, but I felt the need to try something new, as I was in a lot of grief and distress at the time, having just lost my husband of many years. And the thing about bereavements is that they tend to bring up a load of painful memories and losses from earlier in life; so I was definitely in need of something powerful to help me work through it.

I immediately took to Helena’s quiet but friendly manner which gave me the courage to give this BodyTalk a go. And it was encouraging that I found the initial session very helpful. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make the trip into Bristol on a regular basis and have a series of treatments.

The technique is quite straightforward, and under Helena’s gentle guidance you will find you soon become very relaxed. As sessions progress, you will benefit more and more – at any rate that is certainly how it was for me as I began to trust Helena increasingly and always felt we were working towards the same goal.

I can’t say for sure how much is down to the BodyTalk techniques or how much to Helena’s intuitive understanding and other personal qualities, but the combination has certainly been amazing for me. Both sounder sleep and greater peace of mind resulted from the sessions, quite apart from of course the lovely sense of being cared for, which was worth a lot to me.

And the great thing is that she can give you the tools to help yourself, so that whenever you feel in distress you can take a couple of minutes out to practise a simple exercise to rebalance your system and come back into a state of harmony, just like taking Rescue Remedy.

I am truly grateful to Helena for the loving and caring way she has dealt with me at all times, and warmly recommend that you give BodyTalk a try. You’ll be glad you did!


When I first came to see you I was quite stressed, in pain, overwhelmed easily, and frustrated with my life. As a result of the sessions there has been physical release of pain which had built up over the years from unexpressed emotions. You helped to clear energetic blocks from my past which were impeding the flow of my life experiences. I can now quickly identify potential issues which would normally trigger an overwhelm and implement the coping strategies which you taught me. And even if I do experience any overwhelming situations, I can now deal with them in a more positive way.

I accept my sensitive nature more than I did before my sessions with you, and honour my need for care and nurturing. The sessions have made such a profound change in my life, I am now in the flow, more relaxed, and this has manifested into improvements within my relationship with myself and others. Also, it seems as though my life has become filled with hope and promise, which is actually creating new and improved circumstances for me. If I hadn’t had worked with you I think my situation would have got far worse, spiralling into a deep depression. Thank you once again for everything you helped me to face and heal, and for helping me open up to a brighter outlook on my life. Things are now progressing exponentially for me!!


When I first came to Helena I was in total despair and fear as I was experiencing heavy menstrual haemorrhaging that would not stop for hours! I experienced one session of BodyTalk with Helena and I was put at ease by her sheer presence, she radiated such calm and goodness. She immediately identified some important emotional issues which had burdened and troubled me for decades, burdens from my childhood, having to deal with two very demanding parents and emotional scars and psychological barriers from my young adulthood.

Helena did an emotional release on those issues and ever since then I have felt better and better, in subtle ways, to the point that I no longer sink back into that despair and fear that was like a constant background noise to me, both debilitating and incapacitating. I cannot agree more with BodyTalk’s thesis that physical issues manifest after a long harbouring of negative emotions and beliefs! I am so glad that BodyTalk was able to release me of that.


Looking back I can see that moving here from South Africa just over five years ago was a huge, huge adjustment, in some ways traumatic. And what made it harder was that I was dealing with certain aspects alone. I did not share with anyone the truth of the emotional impact on me. I tried to protect my husband, as he had his own big adjustments to make, and I tried very hard to be almost as available to my children as I’d been before. And I felt I could not really burden my friends and family back home with my struggles, and definitely not the few friends I made here.

It was probably no surprise that my body cracked up! The BodyTalk sessions helped to release the negative emotions weighing me down, but what stands out most for me is really your supportive presence. To have a loving space in which to express and release emotions, from the painful to the odd – that means a lot to me. I feel safe, and seen, and heard. And for me this is an incredible gift. I’ve experienced healing and expansion and renewal. And lightness. And my health has improved a lot. You are pretty wonderful, Helena.


I continue to be amazed by how my body and emotions are impacted by my BodyTalk sessions with Helena.  My knees, back and neck have been getting progressively better with every session.  I am amazed at the emotional releases I have gone through with various parts of my body, which intuitively feel spot on when they come up.   I have been back over and over again because even though I don’t quite understand how, I can feel my body is healing and releasing in every session.  Thank you so much for your compassion, healing and insight.


I was sceptical at first because I found the process quite unusual. However, I am amazed by the changes since I have started my sessions with Helena. Problems in my neck and hips have practically disappeared. My eczema that I have had for over 8 months has cleared up and my stomach which was quite bloated and painful at times feels so much better. I have also noticed that emotionally I feel much happier and lighter as a result.

Helena is very professional and friendly so I was able to ease into the whole process which is in itself quite relaxing. BodyTalk is non-invasive and enouraged my body to heal itself naturally which is how I prefer to heal. I cannot recommend this method of healing the body enough; it has been a surprisingly wonderful experience!


I have had a few BodyTalk sessions with Helena and each time, I have had a massive shift in my life. Body Talk creates lasting, positive change. It is a very powerful therapy and Helena is a wonderful therapist with lots of knowledge, understanding, and a lovely manner about her. I am a therapist myself and have tried many different therapies – this one gets my vote every time. Highly recommended.