How It Began

The BodyTalk system was developed in the 1990’s by Australian acupuncturist, chiropractor and Reiki master Dr John Veltheim. His extensive studies of the different healing systems and philosophies of the world led him to create the BodyTalk System, which incorporates concepts and techniques from both western and oriental medicine and ancient and modern healing systems making it a truly holistic, all-encompassing system.bodytalk-logo

It is the first healthcare system to effectively bridge the gap between western scientific medicine and complementary therapies and is a quantum leap beyond the existing alternative models of healthcare. The extraordinary results which have been achieved by this method have made BodyTalk one of the world’s fastest growing healthcare systems.

It draws upon a huge range of disciplines as follows and is continually being developed with ongoing research: Western Medical Expertise, including the latest developments in epigenetics, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Chiropractic, Yoga Philosophy and Consciousness Studies, Applied Kinesiology, Bioenergetic Psychology, Quantum Physics and Maths, Information Science and Information Technology, Dynamic Systems Theory, plus concepts found within the engineering fields.

This comprehensive whole healthcare system encompasses all aspects of body, mind and spirit, creating a healthier balance at all levels in particular at the consciousness level.

Theory and Principles

The following principles behind the BodyTalk System represent a new paradigm in healthcare:

The body and mind are not separate but a complex whole of interrelated parts and systems which are dynamically interconnected and dependant on each other for their functioning. Hence the BodyTalk System uses the term ‘bodymind’ to reflect this. Moreover as the bodymind is holographic in nature, every aspect of it has knowledge of every other aspect. In addition the bodymind is not independent from the outside world but is interconnected with everything and everyone else in the environment.All levels of the bodymind are in constant communication with each otherat all times; every cell, atom and system in the bodymind complex is in constant communication with every other cell, atom and system through various energy circuits; everything works in synchronicity with everything else and our health is determined by the level of synchronicity of all energetic functions within the bodymind

The psychology of the body has a profound effect on our health, WholeHealthcare.Long.Bluephysical well being is intertwined with psychological well being – every part of the body has specific emotions and beliefs that are associated with it so when there are specific issues on the psychological level these will be reflected in disturbances in specific functions on the physical level.

The bodymind is capable of healing itself at all levels as evidenced by the natural healing process that occurs automatically when we cut our finger or break a bone. This automatic self guided healing process is part of the bodymind’s inborn intelligence or ‘innate wisdom’ as it is called in BodyTalk. The innate wisdom guides the overall functioning of the bodymind, regulates and synchronises all the systems and processes as well as maintains balance and initiates healing when required. The bodymind addresses all healing in a certain order of responses and this concept is vital in the BodyTalk balancing process.

Stress, particularly ongoing stress, has a profound effect on the bodymind, causing breakdown in its synchronisation and natural ability to heal itself and to function at an optimal level, leading to degeneration and illness. The energy circuits within the body mind become compromised by the physical and emotional stresses of daily life and the environment, communication between the cells and systems is weakened or disrupted, causing ill-health, physically, emotionally and mentally. Moreover ill health gets reflected throughout the whole bodymind at an energetic level through the holographic principle.

BT bookDisturbances or stress generated from belief systems, conditioning, thoughts, attitudes and biases, as well as stored emotions and memories, disrupt the synchronicity and communication within the bodymind causing dis-ease and dys-function. It is more the level of our consciousness as reflected through our underlying conscious and subconscious belief systems that is at the root of symptoms, conditions and diseases in the bodymind. In effect we create our state of health by how we ‘construct’ or perceive our ‘reality’. Our belief systems or perceptions about the environment and our consequent emotional reactions have great impact on us and our health.

Using the Innate Wisdom to Balance and Heal

As the innate wisdom knows what imbalances or breakdowns in communication within the bodymind complex need to be addressed and in what order for healthy dynamic functioning to be re-established, the BodyTalk practitioner accesses this knowledge through a form of neuromuscular biofeedback – they ask the bodymind yes/no questions and receive answers back about its balancing priorities and in what order they need to be addressed.

The practitioner then uses a tapping process together with some very effective techniques to mobilise the bodymind’s innate healing ability towards those communication circuits which have become compromised. The practitioner merely acts as an intermediary, observing neutrally without an agenda, working in order of priorities set by the innate wisdom rather than perceived problems.

Once the lines of communication between the affected parts have been re-established and the bodymind complex re-synchronised, the bodymind is then able to recover its ability to fix itself and healing occurs. This is witnessed in how quickly symptoms disappear and normal functioning returns.


bodytalk2The BodyTalk System does not diagnose or treat specific ailments or use any drugs or physical manipulations. Once the bodymind is brought back into its natural individual balance then overall functioning is improved and specific symptoms are automatically addressed and good health established.

BodyTalk addresses health problems at the consciousness level, helping to release negative conscious and subconscious belief systems that have caused disturbances to the bodymind and to neutralise emotionally charged reactions to external factors. Perceptions are changed, consciousness is raised, there is an increased state of well being and harmony within the bodymind which enables the innate wisdom to perform better and produce even better health.

BodyTalk is whole healthcare, which means addressing the whole person and their whole story to improve their health. All sides of the human being are drawn upon to establish a personalised approach to healthcare: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, hereditary and environmental factors, as well as lifestyle and history.

BodyTalk is a natural system of total healthcare, which can be used as a stand alone system to address all aspects of the body, mind and spirit, or integrated with any other system of healthcare to increase its effectiveness. BodyTalk can refer you to another health modality if required for your best outcome, making it a truly holistic and integrative healthcare system.

It is a simple, safe, non-invasive and effective method for not only improving and maintaining health but also a powerful tool for personal and spiritual development.

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